Friday, 28 June 2013

Homebrewing - Nelson Sauvin Pale and KEG!

Haven't written a post in a long time, exams and job applications have been eating all of my time for quite a while. Even this won't be a big proper post, just a quick update on our latest brews, the Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale. 

Had a few mates over last night for some post exam drinks, nothing intense, but Melo insisted I have an ice bath put aside for him, and that I couldn't see it until he was ready. Was confused as but went along with it.

About an hour into the party, he decided it was time, and brought out the big bucket containing...

10L of our Pale Ale, kegged and force carbonated, ready to drink! Hadn't tried it since we moved it from the primary to the secondary, so getting to taste it properly for the first time was awesome, even more to to be on tap!

Mmmmm Pale Ale

The nose was unlike any beer I've had before, the Nelson Sauvin hops really do have a unique aroma to them, somewhere between a galaxy hop and a white wine, subtle yet a definite presence. The beer was ace, coming out well carb'd and nice and cold. Went down a treat for everyone!

So there you have it, kegged pale ale on tap! I'll be doing a big blog post soon to update on our new brews, and the road trip that's starting monday!

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