Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Two New Moon Dogs

So last year, Melo and I were at Moon Dog shortly before they released the 2013 Jumping the Shark, and saw it ageing away in Barrels. I was so impressed with it I bought half a case, and I still have a couple sitting in the cellar waiting to be drunk. 

In the mean time, I've picked up a few bottles of each of Moon Dog's newest beers, Jumping the Shark 2014, and their 2014 Abbotsford Collaboration beer, the Abbey Collaby. Decided they both need reviewing, so I cracked open a bottle of each... for Science.

Starting with the 2014 Jumping the Shark:

Such yellow, very Saffron, wow

Pouring a deep red colour, the first thing that strikes you is the vibrant yellow colour of the head. The aroma is a blend of alcohol heat, some yeasty banana esters, then some truly sweet honeyish notes to top it off.

On the palate, strong syrupy toffee with some herbaceous notes that move through to some dark fruit and somewhat almond-like flavours. Towards the end, the alcohol kicks in for a slightly bitter, drying sensation. It's hard to describe the sweet sensation of the body of this beer, unlike just about anything else I've tried.

Overall a delicious, complex brew that I have no doubt will improve with age. I've put half a case of this bad boy in my cellar, and will continue to sample it as it mellows over the next couple of years.

Next up, we have this year's Abbey Collaby: Barley Wine which clocks in at a very respectable 10.6%, and is a collaboration brew by the Moon Dog, Mountain Goat and Matilda Bay Breweries.

The Photoshop job on the label is Ace

The nose was pretty sparse to begin with, though some toasty notes come through alongside vanilla and slight citrusy hops. Intensified as it warmed with the addition of some alcohol heat. 

Body is classic barleywine, some stone fruit and brown sugar flavours give a sweet initial flavour, backed by some grassy hop notes,  that moves through to a subdued alcohol heat.

Overall a great barleywine, but nothing amazing, and not quite as interesting as the JTS2014.

Thanks for reading guys!

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