Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cider Brewing Part 2: Failure... And Take 2

So... After a week of 'Fermenting', we took a Gravity reading on the ciders only to discover that they hadn't budged an inch. Meaning no fermentation had actually occurred. We attributed this to the fact that they'd been sitting in a garage in cold weather, and had been at an  average temperature of 14ish degrees. Obviously, this would not work

So began the epic trek for the day, first to Bunnings to buy a 120L plastic tub, then to Country Brewer to buy more yeast, then finally to a pet store to buy a fish tank thermoregulator.

From these bizarre parts, Melo managed to cobble together...

Pretty isn't it?
A ginormous water bath! After giving the original ciders a swirl and letting them spend an hour in the bath at 20ish (Temperature wasn't rising enough, so a whole lot of boiling water was added to... expedite the process), they started bubbling away just like they should have to begin with. So luckily we didn't kill our yeast, we just inactivated it

Next up, Melo made up another 3 Demijohns worth of cider (12L) with a new yeast, Safale S-04, an English Ale yeast as opposed to the American Ale yeast we used previously. They too are now fermenting away like mad

So much cider!
So hopefully soon we'll have 20 litres of cider to test and start doing dumb things to in the hopes of making something great!

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