Friday, 31 May 2013

Taste Test: Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale

I'm currently reading the book "The Brewmaster's Table" by a guy names Garrett Oliver. He just so happens to be the Brewmaster of the Brookyln Brewery in NY. The book is all about various types of beer, and how to pair beer with food, and one of his big recommendations is his brown ale with roasted lamb or beef. So when I found out we were having roast lamb for dinner, I jumped at the opportunity to try this pairing out myself

Fairly unassuming bottle
 When pouring, it looks almost like filling a glass with coke, with the dark reddy-brow colour and slightly browned head coming together in just the right way to look like a soft drink. Straight out of the fridge, the nose had a strong element of sweet musk sticks to it... Quite odd. After letting it warm up a bit, the aroma mellowed out to a more expected blend of sweet hops and coffee.

You'd think it was Coke if you didn't know better no?
The initial taste is sweet and floral, followed up by a rich body of dark chocolate and espresso coffee notes, accentuating the dark malt backbone of the beer, and tapers off to a bittersweet yet clean finish. The Body is medium to heavy, and the carbonation is very slight on the palate, verging on non-existant.

Went down a treat with dinner
The flavours paired extremely well with the caramelised, meaty flavours of roasted lamb and potatoes, and the beer had enough flavour to not be overpowered by the food. Overall, a fantastic brown ale, I'll give it a 9/10

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