Friday, 24 May 2013

Taste Test: Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

Seeing as we're currently brewing a 'Trans-Pacific' Ale, I figure it's only fair I review one of my favorite Aussie beers, Stone and Wood Brewing Co.'s Pacific Ale. I first tried this unfiltered, unpasteurized ale not too long ago, but I've been enamored with it ever since

Fairly unassuming bottle, it's what's inside that matters
The initial pour is a cloudy, light, straw colour, with a bit (but not too much) bright white head. The aroma is a strong, tropical fruit smell, with notes of passionfruit and grapefruit, with a spicy, herbaceous hop finish. 

Cloudy and straw coloured, picture perfect little head

The initial, tip of the tongue taste is crisp and clean, with hints of sweet tropical fruit, mainly pineapple, a moderately hoppy, slightly bitter body and a followup of a dry, slightly wheaty or bready finish. The body is refreshing and light, and there's enough carbonation there that it's spritzy but not overly fizzy.

A fantastic beer overall

Overall, a fantastically refreshing, crisp ale, with a sweet, fruity nose and big flavours to back it up. Extremely sessionable, and would be the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. A sure 9/10. 

Also of note: I have a couple of the S&W Jasper Ales in my fridge, as well as one of the Lagers, and the 2013 Limited Release 'Stone Beer' is currently on it's way to my place. Once it arrives, I'll do a roundup of the rest of their beers.

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