Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Quick Update - Stone and Wood Stone Beer

Got back from Breakfast to find a massive parcel on the doorstep. Opened it up and inside were two bottles of beer... One ordinary looking, one rather extraordinary.

 Both are bottles of the Stone and Wood Stone Beer (to be reviewed soon), but the one on the right is the "Special Release" bottle that they put out only a few of each year. It feels like it's made from some sort of ceramic, and looks the part too.

It feels as cool as it looks
It's obviously reusable as evidenced by the swingtop, and came with a tag on the side describing the changes from last year's Stone Beer, as well as part of the brewing process!

All the info one could need, and it's not printed on so you can re-use the bottle!

Can't wait to try this! Will be tasting the Stone Beer, along with all the other Stone and Wood beers soon in a Stone and Wood brewery roundup, where we'll try everything by them except the Garden Ale, which is a Summer seasonal

You can buy Stone and Wood Stone Beer from the Brewery's Website

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