Monday, 29 July 2013

Homebrewing: 50th Birthday Pale Ale

Hey all, a quick update on our latest brew. My Dad's 50th birthday is coming up, and we're having a little get-together with some close friends, so to celebrate, Mello and I are brewing up 20L of Pale Ale just for the occasion.

Reasonably complex malt/hop bill. Time will tell if it's good

The recipe can be found here. With an IBU of 40, it's roughly on par with the bitterness of a Little Creatures Pale Ale, and at a flat 5% ABV, it's low enough to be sessionable, but high enough that you'll know you're drinking real beer.

BIAB brewing, everything in a single bag!

We've just finished cooling, poured into primary and pitched the yeast. Once it's done fermenting, we'll keg it and force carbonate it in time for the party. Hoping it all turns out well!

Coming soon, a brewery roundup for one of the Breweries we visited on the Road Trip, including a couple of other breweries owned by it... Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. It was definitely a hit - guests almost cleaned it up, and no need to break out the emergency bottled beers! Good effort from the lads
    NJC snr (the birthday boy)