Thursday, 4 July 2013

Melbourne Trip Part 3: Little Creatures's Birthday and Beer DeLuxe

Hey everyone, back again with the third installment from our Melbourne Trip. Awakening from our dumpling coma on Wednesday morning, we set out to hit the Little Creatures Dining Hall in Fitzroy for Lunch. After a decent walk, because paying for Trams is insanely expensive without a concession Myki, we arrived at the Dining hall proper

Had to walk a mile through Fitzroy to find the place

Turns out it was their fifth, birthday, and to celebrate they had balloons and party hats out everywhere, and were selling pints for the price of pots. We took advantage of this to grab a couple of pints of their fantastic Mr Obadiah Rye Porter.

Balloons and Party hats everywhere!

We also nabbed some lunch, tasty tasty burgers to go with our pints. Chatted to the bartender for a bit, and he recommended a couple of places we should visit, including a bottle shop just down the road. We set out to find it: McCoppin's bottle-o.

When we arrived, we were very impressed. Huge fridge full of a vast range of craft beers, ranging from the Garage project beers from NZ, to the Brooklyn Brewery Local 1 and 2, and just about every Trappist beer you can get. Ace.

Next up, we jumped on a train and headed down to Glenferrie. Had a quick coffee in the record store cum coffee shop that was playing house music in the middle of the day. Then 2 minutes down the road to Beer DeLuxe, the beer cafe of kings

On approach. Hilariously, the place is over the road from another pub, yet the street is supposedly an 'alcohol free zone...'

Beer DeLuxe in all 12 taps worth of glory.
We'd heard on Tuesday from Mike, who'd had a beer there that he sword tasted like Bacon. Always up for an unusual beer, we took up the challenge and purchased the Wheat Rauchbier to give it a spin

Pictured: Dirty Hippie stealing my beer

Smoky, almost small-good like aroma, with a body that's amix of smooth, amber malt and smoky, salty characters. Closest flavours I could describe it as would be either Serbian ham or double-smoked bacon. Really odd, but in a good way

Our plans for the night consisted of heading to my Cousins's place for dinner with my Aunt and Uncle, then heading out with my cousin Mike. A prolonged pre's at one of his friend's places later, we ended up in the Harp of Erin hotel. The only photographic evidence I have of the night is this:

Just a few casual straws

Which I think speaks for itself.

Next time: We go to Wood End to visit the Holgate Brewhouse!

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