Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Melbourne Trip Part 2: Hanging out in the CBD

After a fairly late Monday night, we had a long sleep in and a very lazy morning, with bacon and egg rolls and coffee to help wake us.

Next up, we headed out to explore the CBD. After a couple of hours of wandering and perusing, we stopped in to Young and Jackson's to grab a pint. Seeing that they had their own brew on nitrogen tap, we couldn't say no, and grabbed a couple of glasses of the Young and Jackson's Naked Ale
Custom Pint Glasses. Ace

A crisp, smooth, slightly wheaty ale, perfectly sessionable and would be a great refreshing beer in summer, although isn't bad in winter either!

Next up, we headed over to beer DeLuxe, but turns out they weren't open, ruining the carefully laid plans we had to stay near Fed Square half the day. Instead, we grabbed some Lord of the Fries for lunch, then headed to the James Squire Brewhouse/Portland Hotel to try a few of their brews.

The Brewhouse in all it's glory
At the brewhouse, they had all the regular Squire Beers on tap, along with four seasonal beers: The Portland #250 Galaxy Single Hop IPA, the Portland Cast of 1000s Hefeweizen, Mad Brewer's Wee Highlander Scotch Ale and a special 'Lion's Share' Kolsch

Melo opted to try their Galaxy single hop IPA, while I went for the tasting paddle. All four of the seasonals were decent, but the standout had to be the Lion's Share Kolsch, with a great balance between fruity and floral tones to create a fantastic, refreshing beer.
The paddle... emptied

After our day of running around between pubs, we decided we quieter night was in order. Popped past Dan Murphy's on the way back to the apartment to check their range of beers... It did not disappoint. So many more craft beers than any Dan's I've been to in Sydney! We loaded a mixed 6-pack each and headed back to the apartment via Shanghai Dumpling House... Mmmmm dumplings....


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