Friday, 5 July 2013

Melbourne Trip Part 4: To Wood End we go!

Day 4 of our trip began with a super lazy start, slowly crawling out of bed before jumping in the car and hitting the highway on our way out to Wood End. After about 90 minutes of solid driving, we pulled into town, and literally the first thing we saw was the Holgate Brew House

The Brewhouse Proper
Headed inside to find the typical, Australian country pub layout, with a big bar that faced 3 sides, as well as a restaurant and hotel upstairs. Sat ourselves down at the bar and blew through a few pots, trying their Temptress (chocolate porter) and English Special Bitters, both specially modified to be served on hand tap through a spritzer. 

Taps of Joy

A few pots later, I picked up a pint glass and their 2013 Beelzebub Quadrupel, and we were on the road again back to Melbourne. Stopped through Brunswick on the way in the hopes of seeing Temple Brewing Co, but turns out they were mysteriously closed

The firmly closed doors of Temple Brewing

Instead we grabbed a pot of Thunder Road's Brunswick Bitter, before heading back to the apartment. A couple rounds of dumplings later we ended up in Prahran, having pints in the Lucky Coq, where I tried the Thunder Road Pacific Rye, and the Cheeky Rascal small batch Honey and Ginger cider, both of which were absolutely stellar.

Finally, caught the last tram back to the city and vegged in the apartment the rest of the night

Next time: We visit Moon Dog and Mountain Goat!

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