Thursday, 11 July 2013

Melbourne Trip Part 7: Last Day and Homeward!

Realised I'd forgotten to write up the last day of the trip, so here goes nothing. Woke up after a long night by the fireplace, then cooked up a brekky of Bacon and Eggs to start the day well. Headed down the track to Harry's place for a coffee and to check up his homebrewing setup, then in the car on our way to the Jamieson Brewery

Fairly Unassuming from the Outside to be sure
Arriving at a brewery/pub at 11:15 am is normally not the best idea in the world, but they were open and ready to serve, so we happily obliged and grabbed a couple of schooners, Mello the 'Beast' IPA and I grabbed their seasonal beer, an Irish Red Ale

Forgot to photograph the beers, so you get the taps
Both were great, so we picked up a Mixed-6 each and jumped back in the car. While driving we had a debate about whether we were stopping in Nowra and camping for the night, or powering through straight to Sydney. After realising it would take as long to get to Nowra as it would Sydney, and remembering with horror pitching tents in the dark back on school camp, we decided that the only sensible option was to power through.

90% of the day was comprised of this... Not too bad
We DID make a sneaky stop at Holbrook for a pie (at the famour Holbrook Bakery no less!), then one last Brewery stop, making it our second time as Bridge Rd. Mello really wanted to grab a few more of their beers, and it was his turn to drive, so I took advantage of that and tried one of their new brews, the Imperial Honey IPA "Hop to it Honey". Really smooth and sweet, you wouldn't have known it was imperial without reading the label!

Finally, we made the last leg through in to Sydney. Ended up at my place for one final night of drinks, but first we had to unpack the car... The result:
All the empties, full bottles, glassware, food and kegs we brought back
In summary, a hell of a lot of beer, bottles and kegs. The kegs will later become a Brew Kettle, a Mash tun and a Hot Liquor tank/Fermenter (We haven't decided which). The rest of what we brought back will be... Used appropriately.

Next time: Back home and back to brewing! We make our first dark beer

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